Makeup Artistry: Creating Character for Stage and ScreenLIMITED SPOTS LEFT

This is a presentation, a combination of lecture, powerpoint and demonstration. We will focus on history, product knowledge (including how to best work with a limited budget) and proper procedure both on how to do makeup and how to teach it your students/actors. Handouts will be provided.

To Bring

Notebook, pen


Elissa Frittaion

Elissa has been a professional makeup artist for over twenty years. She helped design and is the senior instructor of the VFS Makeup Design curriculum, and has guided more than seven hundred makeup students through to graduation.


Amy Van Wormer

Amy has been a professional makeup artist since 2003. Amy’s experience on both big and low-budget productions has given her an approach to makeup artistry that is based on collaboration, improvisation, and an overall love of the craft on and off the set. She has been an instructor with the VFS Makeup Design program since 2014.