Neutral Mask - the Teaching ToolFULL

This is a hands on workshop. 


Come and experience one of the greatest teaching tools in physical theatre - the Neutral Mask. Through the work of master mask teacher, Jacques Lecoq, find greater greater freedom, physical range and simple human presence through working with neutral mask. We will explore the history and principles behind this wonderful practice and how it can apply to the work and art of the contemporary actor. 


Tahina Awan

A Voice, Movement and Mask instructor at Vancouver Film School, Tahina Awan has studied primarily in the physical traditions of Jerzy Grotowski, Jacques Lecoq and Richard Pochinko. Half mask, Full mask and the smallest mask - Clown - have been her areas of fascination for over twenty years along with the process based practices of Voice and Movement. She currently performs originally written theatrical work on stages, does animation voice work in studios and leads many others in wild singing marathons.