Buffoonery: Rediscovering Play

A workshop that gets you on your feet, gives you a chance to be curious about your colleagues, and reconnect with your playful self! Rediscover the value of play for your own classes. A wonderful reminder to engage. No power points allowed!

To Bring

Just you and an open heart! 


Trilby Jeeves

Trilby has been involved with the entertainment industry for over 30 years in acting/directing/costuming/teaching. Her Buffoonery Workshops is a regular class for the acting students at Vanarts Media School and the directing students at Vancouver Film School and has been attended by several private and public groups for the last ten years. Companies have hired her for team building. Her most recent workshops include the Sears Drama Festival. Trilby has been in over 40 plays and has directed in theatre as well. In the film industry, in costumes, she has worked on sets like Supernatural, IZombie and many more dating back to the Highlander series. As an actor she also enjoys working for UBC Medical.