Session 6: Student Focus Panel

In this panel, we will hear from post-secondary students in fashion programs across Canada as they share thoughts and perspectives on fashion education and the fashion industry.  What are the highlights of the education they have gained, what have been the challenges, and hear from them as they share what advice they have for the future of fashion education.


2:20 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Mahé Hatchuel

    My name is Mahé Hatchuel, I am a Fashion Marketing graduating student from LaSalle College in Montréal, Quebec. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology which gave me social understanding and tools that are transferable to the fashion industry.

    I have been working part-time as an assistant to a real estate broker for the past four years. This experience gave me some organizational skills, marketing knowledge and made me constantly step out of my comfort zone, from launch parties for luxury buildings to filming a realty tv show on real estate to creating fun and trendy content for social media.

    During my journey at LaSalle College, I took on the role of Coordinator for our 2nd year fashion show (SMCL19) and I am currently part of the ENTREPRISE 21 team, in charge of planning a virtual event showcasing the final projects of our cohort.

    I love comfortable clothing (sportswear, streetwear and loungewear) as well as luxury garments and accessories. It is important to me that the fashion industry evolves towards a sustainable future and I wish to be part of that change as much as I can.

  • David Henke

    My name is David and I am a student in the Fashion Apparel and Technology program at Olds College. Upon completion of my diploma this year, I plan to continue my education at KPU. It is the creative aspect of fashion design that most appeals to me and I am particularly interested in men’s fashion; especially tailoring coats, suits, and luxury wear. I come from a long line of fashion and sewing enthusiasts. I was always fascinated with sewing machines and fabric and dreamed about creating my own brand of clothing.  I love smooth, clean lines and technical drawings that illustrate what a garment could be and what direction it could go. Pattern drafting and creating garment flats are my strong suits, but I look forward to expanding my knowledge and learning all I can to create clothing that people will be happy to wear not just for a name brand but for quality construction.

  • Shadi Arastehmanesh

    Shadi is a start-up fashion designer with a focus in functional and transformative details in bridal and evening dresses, aspiring to bring her ideas to an international audience. She has a bachelor of Graphic Design and associate degree of Persian Painting. She has worked more than eight years on creating relief artworks inspired by historical motifs and architecture. She’s graduated from the Fashion Design and Production diploma program at Vancouver Community College in Summer 2020 and showcased her grad collection “Turquoise Treasure” at Vancouver Fashion Week in April 2021! Shadi was recipient of Hudson Fashion Scholarship, the Student Union Award and Circle Craft Award of Excellence during her program.

  • Fiona Liang

    Fiona Liang is new generation Canadian fashion designer, winning the 2020 St. Clair Atelier Fashion Show, 2020 World Wide Fashion Design Contest Logistik Unicorp, and 2020 Redress Design World Award Redress Hong Kong, as well as an invited designer and presenter for 2020 New York Online Fashion Show, 2020 Vancouver Fashion Week, and 2021 Paris Fashion Week.

    She graduated from St. Clair College Fashion Design School with distinction and honors, working for a national treasure designer, Denis Gagnon as an assistant designer (based in Old Montreal, from 01/2021), and has combined her business acumen and sharp fashion senses with her unique and pioneering artistic and aesthetic expression.

    Her fluent and spiritual manifestation of feminism, energy, and beauty achieved wide-spread professional recognition and inspiration throughout the world’s fashion industry. Moreover, her multi-continental experiences, insights, and perspective further put her on a stage of advanced world-wide excelsior.

    FIDELI COUTURE © is Fiona’s premium designer brand and shines out Freedom, Classic and Fun. The brand’s concept aims at a magical mixture of classic, rebellion, youth, and independency. It’s new generations’ own brand and proposition.